How much do you know about Torture, it's dangers and the Anti-Torture Act?

About Us

Sterling Centre for Law & Development is incorporated in Nigeria as a non-profit making organization.

The work of the organization, broadly are the promotion of respect for, and protection of human rights and by necessary implication, good governance, democratic values and peace in Nigeria through education and advocacy.

Areas of Focus

At Sterling Centre for Law & Development, our core areas of focus and the major issues/challenges we aim at handling include, but are not limited to the underlisted.

  • Constitutional rights
  • Rights of women including widows and girls
  • Rights of the child
  • Rights of persons with disabilities
  • Rights of LGBTs
  • Democratic values, free and fair elections
  • Corruption and impunity
  • Abuse of power
  • Access to justice
  • Peace and conflict resolution etc

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