What has President Jonathan Learnt Over the Years? By @dejiajare


Clearly, President Jonathan never learns, his greatest undoing has been his announcement of hasty conclusions‎.

In 2010, after the October 1st bombing GEJ quickly came out to tell us he knew those behind the bombing, he specifically denied that MEND was behind the bombing despite the claim of responsibility by MEND.

When erstwhile CBN Governor came up with allegations of missing money, one would have expected a President to be miffed and order full investigation into the matter before reaching any conclusions, but no, our president denied and still denies that any such money is missing despite an audit report to the contrary.

In a similar manner, when the allegations of corruption was leveled against against former aviation minister,….., GEJ came out strongly in her defence and till date has refused to do a volte face, despite clear evidence. GEJ however in a face saving move, merely removed her from office during a routine cabinet reshuffle.

Upon the abduction of the Chibok Girls in Borno in 2014, the President and his people denied the abduction and in his usual ‘victim’ approach to all issues alleged that it was all an attempt by the opposition APC to rubbish his government.

Just recently now, an audio recording of a purported meeting of some PDP top shots with an army General where a plan to tilt the Ekiti state Governorship election ‎of 2014 in favour of the PDP candidate, Ayo Fayose, has been in circulation.

Now, any right thinking person would think the most responsible thing to do would be to investigate and clear the air as to the authenticity of the recording, either way. But our dear president has dismissed it with a wave of the hand, in his words, “it’s all fabrications, why should I investigate things that are not real”‎. 

How can our President reach such a conclusion, without any investigation at all? One would have thought GEJ would have learnt a lesson in hasty decision making over the years, one of the major cause of the failings of his government. How then can we entrust our collective destiny in the hands of a man who cannot learn from his mistakes of the past 5 to 6 years as President for another 4 years? We should learn from our mistakes, we can’t afford another 4 years of consistent goofing in Nigeria again.‎