The Day I Was Mobbed in a Market – By Tony Aneke @Mistaflexx


So on this Wednesday evening I decided to do some impulsive shopping at a market close to home. Ok, actually I had some sudden strange craving for Cashew nuts and I recalled that there was this woman I usually saw just by the entrance to the market with a large bowl full of the sweet nuts whenever I drove past.
This craving was definitely strange because I don’t remember ever going to the market, late in the evening, matter of fact close to 6pm when the market begins to shut down for the day; just to buy nuts. By the way I hate going to the market, I only go there when absolutely necessary otherwise I try to get someone else to go for me.
God must have had some divine plan for me, or so it seemed… I digress!
So I dashed into my house, picked up my wallet and hurriedly threw on a tee-shirt, the weather was hot and I didn’t plan to stay out for too long. So I walked casually down the road, carefully avoiding some impatient drivers who were beating the building traffic, luckily the cashew nut woman was still there, thank God! I muttered under my breadth as I got to her stand and quickly asked her how much she sold them for. ‘Oga, one cup na N200’, she responded. Ah-ah madam, no be N100? I pressed. No o Oga, e don cost now, e no de market again… I wasn’t in the mood to haggle so I asked her to package 3 cups for me as I started to reach for my wallet.
In that same moment I felt my something leave my body. What could that feeling have been? There was this sudden lightness about me, I took a quick glance back and noticed a boy of about late teenage age running away. I suddenly realized that my wallet was gone. Pick-pocket!! I shouted and ran after the boy.
I ran so fast I actually began catching up with him but then he began meandering in between stalls, sheds and shops. He obviously knew the terrain well. My determination however kept me going, inching closer and closer until I was finally able to grab unto his shirt just as he entered another narrow way that appeared to be a dead end.
In my anger, I managed to press him down until I was on top of him and began to rain blow after blow on his face, I kept at this until I noticed that some other sneaky looking fellows were beginning to surface from God knows where. It was almost dark now and this was a hidden part of the market, I was outnumbered. So I quickly retrieved my wallet and began to walk away, fast; but I wasn’t going to get away that easy I soon realized. Just as I left that narrow end and made my way quickly to the now busy but long exit lane out of the market I heard shouts of Thief! Thief!! Ole!!!
I looked back and those sneaky and scruffy looking boys were actually behind the shouts and were pointing towards me. I walked even faster; I needed to get out of this market quickly to avoid stories that touch. The shouts got louder and closer, more people had joined in and were making their way towards me.
I broke into a run, I ran and ran. Each time I looked back it seemed the whole market had joined in on the chase and were closing in on me.
How did I get to this point, I wondered. Memories of what I had read and pictures I had seen of people being mobbed quickly flashed through my mind. No! This was not happening.
Ole! Ole!! Ole!!! Was all I could hear now. I kept running as fast as my legs could handle, and then I looked back again; there was actually now a whole crowd of chasers. I stepped on something which gave way beneath me and I fell, very hard to the ground. Before I could get back on my feet, I felt a very loud bang on my head, then another and another.
Voices, some saying ‘kill am!’ others I couldn’t easily make out. I looked at them, mouth open but no words came out… words failed me; I think I was in shock. A huge stone landed on my shoulder, numbing it instantly. I prayed silently, God this can’t be the end. You are the God of the innocent, save me.
Then my worst fear, I felt someone pouring some liquid on me. It was all over my face. Was it petrol? Oh no! Voices again, ‘bring matches’. More and more liquid…
Then I opened my eyes, and there was my little baby. My girl with her cup in hand, over my face and water dripping down. ‘Didida, wake up… I want to eat. Yes! Yes!! It was only a dream…
SAY NO TO MOB ACTION!!! That person may just be innocent like me.