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The prevention yesterday by the Federal Government of opposition Governors from travelling to Ekiti State to campaign is a condemnable development. This kind of repressive approach is symptomatic of dictatorial military governments and is a clear reminder of the presumably forgone days of military rule.
While we encourage a robust competition between political parties for electoral advantage, we condemn all undemocratic oppression of opposition.
President Goodluck Jonathan must call the Nigerian Army to order and rein in his aides. History is not going to be kind to any ruler who deliberately allows anarchy in his domain through suppressive policies.
The President is invited to look back in history at the events in South West Nigeria which led to the eventual collapse of the 1st republic. What we have today is a replay of the events of those times and if we fail to halt the continued suppression, we may end up with the same or even more regrettable consequences.
We urge the President to take quick action to avoid an eventual collapse.